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Miami style party

Yesterday we went out Miami style. I’m in the M.I.A. so why wouldn’t I? The day started out pretty healthy. I went out in the park with two fellas I met @ the hostel and did a miniature ghetto workout. But…  really miniature though Lol XD. I also visited the Miami Ink. tattoo studio @ 1360 Washington Avenue, which is really called Love Hate tattoo studio. After strolling around Miami beach for a while went to the Hostel to take a nap, because I was tired, but some of the peeps I met earlier were planning on going out and they asked me to come join them. Like I could say no ;) Eventually we ended up being picked up by a white limo, got dropped off @ a bar to have some drinks freely and after that crushed into this club called “The Story” and what a story it was! Really enjoyed it!

First day


Yes, fresh of the plane. First stop Miami. Coming to mind are: Miami Vice, Scarface, Gloria Estafan, Will Smith’s corny Miami song, Chuckie’s Miami song and a lot of cuban influence! I must say it’s crazy! I have to uncomfort, but could not resist to go to a restaurant the first day. It was an italian restaurant, but they played Wu Tang and all other classic Hip-Hop. Nice! But I have to get used to the hostel life. 12 snoring guys in a room with 1 bathroom and 1 restroom hahaha. Eventually you can get used to anything I guess/I hope. Finally I discovered (which I already did back in Utrecht) that the best way to discover a city is by bike. So the Deco Bike store is my best friend around here! :) And the first attraction I visit was the Bass Modern Art Museum! Frans!! Really!? I’m getting old ;)