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My preparation? A lot, but at the same time none.

I have booked my world ticket, done my research, got my vaccins, got my malaria pills, bought my back pack, bought stuff for in my back pack, arranged my visa…

but still my preparation is none, because you can’t prepare for something like this ;)

A Travel blog? Really?

Yes, I was a bit sceptic about setting up a travel blog for my journey at first. Especially because I thought of it as showing off how fantastic your travel is. But, I was convinced by the following thought:

“Nobody is an island. We are all interconnected. That’s why I believe that an experience is even more beautiful when shared, because it’s spread like a warm glow through out this interconnected body”


Jump in the deep

For one, this post is to fill up space. I need three initial posts to start ;) But why not tell you about my current thoughts. When things look  too complex, too far fetched or too big to fit in your head… just make them small. To be honest I have had some fear of starting this adventure. There have even been a few times when I got overwhelmed with anxiety. Jump in the deep and then learn how to swim. Let’s just do that! Someone once explained me that you get the courage after warts. So this reminds me of this wonderful parachute jump I made on the 5th of May (out of all dates) in 2013. I only remember the courageous feeling after warts :) 



BackpackYes! This will be my companion for the next 6 months. It took a while to select a nice back pack, but the Gregory Thundercloud Black is the chosen one baby!


Eventually I had to buy a bigger back pack. The thundercloud was 58l, but when I stuffed all my stuff in it it almost collapsed ;) So I bought his bigger brother: The Baltoro! En let’s be honest, who wants to go on a trip around the world with a backpack named: Thundercloud black?? Hahaha